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Discontinued: Amazon announced in November 2023 that they would stop displaying 360 spins. The instructions are shown below for historic reference. Instead, you can convert your 360 spins to videos and upload them to Amazon. Or you can host your GLB files on Sirv and submit them to Amazon (documentation). If you don't have GLB files, you can hire a 3D modeller to create a model of your product.

Amazon logoUse Sirv to automatically create 360° spins that meet Amazon's submission requirements.

Amazon has strict requirements for the image format, dimensions and filename, all zipped up. Sirv makes this easy.

How to create 360 spins for Amazon

1. Go to your Sirv account. New users can create an account.

2. Right-click a spin and choose "Export to Amazon" (tip: get a list of "All your spins" via the search box):

Select Export to Amazon option

3. Enter your ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) in the field provided and click "Export":

Enter your Amazon Standard Identification Number

Every product listed on Amazon has a unique ASIN. If you don't know the ASIN, it's shown on every Amazon product page - go to your live Amazon product page and find "ASIN".

4. Click "Copy link" and email the zip URL to vendor-360-intake@amazon.com or your Amazon manager.

Send ZIP file url to your Amazon manager

Top tip: If you've created many zip files for Amazon, get a list of all their URLs. Go to the .Export folder > Right click the 'Amazon-Spins' folder and select "Export file list to CSV":

Create ZIP file names in a CSV list

Batch create multiple Amazon zips

If you have many 360 spins to create, it may be faster to run them as a batch instead of one-by-one. Sirv has created a Replit script that you can run online. No coding knowlege is required - just follow these steps:

1. Create a free Replit account.

2. Go to Sirv's Amazon batch spin export repl.

3. Click the "Fork" button.

Fork the Amazon 360 spin repl created by Sirv, then configure your settings

4. Follow the instructions shown in red on the page. First, add the 3 secret variables accountUrl, clientId, clientSecret via the Secrets tab on the left:

Fork the Amazon 360 spin repl created by Sirv, then configure your settings

5. Enter the spin URLs and ASINs in the spins.txt file:

Batch prepare 360 spin photography for Amazon Marketplace listings with Sirv and Replit

6. Click "Run" and a list of results will be output to the right.

Create Amazon 360 spins via API

You can also use the Sirv REST API to automatically create Amazon zips.

What are Amazon's 360 spin requirements?

To prepare 360 spins that meet Amazon's listing requirements, Sirv performs all the following conversions:

  • Resize images to 2500px width (maximum)
  • Crop to square aspect ratio (add canvas if necessary)
  • Convert to PNG format
  • Rename images to {ASIN}_360_0000_web.png, {ASIN}_360_0001_web.png etc.
  • Package files into {ASIN}.zip and make available via public URL

Sirv does that in seconds, providing you with the zip URL ready to email to your Amazon representative.

For Amazon Vendors, not Amazon Sellers

We are informed that Amazon permits only Amazon Vendors to submit 360 spins to their marketplace listings, not Amazon Sellers. This may change in the future, to allow Amazon Sellers to also upload 360 spins. If you are an Amazon Seller, we recommend contacting your Amazon representative to ask if and when you'll be able to submit 360 spins to your product image gallery.

Meanwhile, Amazon Sellers can upload spins as videos. Sirv makes it easy to generate an MPG video from your spin, which can be added to your Amazon listing. See our guide to easily create a video from your spin. Here's how a 360 video looks for a games controller.

To identify if a listing is from an Seller or Vendor, Vendor listings typically state "Sold by Amazon" and "Ships by Amazon".


Please send any questions about preparing Amazon 360 zips to the Sirv support team.

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