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As well as creating new GIFs, Sirv can host your existing animated GIFs. It's ideal for GIF hosting, enabling you to instantly resize, crop and optimize your GIFs.

Upload GIFs

Upload your GIFs to your Sirv account directly or via FTP / S3. If you don't have an account yet, create your account now.


Resize a GIF simply by adding the new width or height to the URL. Add w (width) and/or h (height) to the end of the URL to immediately resize the GIF.

This GIF has been resized to 300px width:

GIF resized to 300px width

This GIF has been resized to 175px height:

GIF resized to 175px height


Crop a GIF by applying ch (crop height) or/and cw (crop width) to the URL. The crop location can be adjusted with cx and cy. Refer to the crop documentation for all options.

This GIF has been resized to 300px width and 100px height:

Cropped GIF to 100px height

Lossy compression

Control the quality and file size of your GIF with lossy compression. Sirv applies 5% compression by default, to reduce the file size while maintaining good clarity. Set the gif.lossy option to increase compression up to 100 (smallest file size) or 0 (highest quality).

This example applies 80% compression:

10% Compression

Animated GIF with 10% lossy compression
GIF: 278 KB
WebP: 101 KB

40% Compression

Animated GIF with 40% lossy compression
GIF: 217 KB
WebP: 101 KB

80% Compression

Animated GIF with 80% lossy compression
GIF: 191 KB
WebP: 101 KB

GIFs will automatically be served as WebP to browsers that support WebP (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Android). WebP file size is 39% smaller than GIF on average, and the quality is better.

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