Hotspots on a 360 spin

This demo shows how Sirv can add hotspots to images in our 360 degree product viewer.

On the final frame of this spin are 3 yellow hotspots:

The 3 hotspots do different things on-click:

  • One hotspot displays some text.
  • One hotspot displays an image.
  • One hotspot links to a URL.

The message uses HTML, so can contain anything you wish – “Add to card” buttons, Facebook “Like” buttons, YouTube videos etc.

The message box is styled with CSS, allowing you to change the design as you desire.

A couple of other Sirv Spin features are utilized in this demo:

  • The spin has been configured to stop on the final frame. Normally, spins loop continuously.
  • Images are served in WebP format to Chrome and Opera browsers, for faster loading.

How to add hotspots

To start using hotspots, follow the tutorial how to add hotspots on a 360 spin. It explains how to download a .spin file and manually configure it.

.spin files are JSON files. You don’t need to be a programmer to customize them, though you will need a developer with CSS skills if you wish to change the default look of the hotspots.

It can take 1-4 hours to configure a spin with lots of hotspots. This process will be simplified with a graphical configuration wizard, to quickly configure hotspots in your Sirv account.

Please contact the team with any questions about hotspots.

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