Zoom into images

Sirv is an outstanding way to embed rich, deep zoomable images in your pages.

By slicing huge images into hundreds of small ones, Sirv rapidly delivers smooth and fast image zoom.

Try this demo:

Zoomable image 1
Zoomable image 2
Zoomable image 3

Super easy

That example was created by uploading 3 images to Sirv, then copying the code. That’s all.

See how clean the HTML is:

<script src="https://scripts.sirv.com/sirv.js"></script>
<div class="Sirv" data-effect="zoom"><img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/tesla-model-x-1.jpg" />
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/tesla-model-x-2.jpg" />
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/tesla-model-x-3.jpg" />

Even the thumbnails underneath were generated dynamically by Sirv.

Start now

Create your Sirv account and upload your images into your account

Click the embed button next to an image. Choose from the common options and then copy and paste the embed code. All options for Sirv Zoom are shown on the documentation page.

Here’s a demo with 6 images:

Example image zoom 1
Example image zoom 2
Example image zoom 3
Example image zoom 4
Example image zoom 5

You can style the thumbnails as you wish by adjusting the CSS, for example:

.sirv-zoom-thumbnails li {
  border: 1px solid black;