Fullscreen image zoom

Display glorious full-screen images in one-click with Sirv fullscreen image zoom.


Click the image to open fullscreen. This is the rapid way to display stunning hi-resolution images on your website.

To enable immediate fullscreen, set the fullscreen-only parameter to true. For example:

<div class="Sirv" data-effect="zoom" data-options="fullscreen-only:true">
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/apple-watch-01.jpg" />

Sirv Zoom can be applied to a single image or a set of images, with the ability to switch between them in fullscreen view.

Sirv automatically generates thumbnail images and generates an image to perfectly fit the location where it is placed:

That image zoom and its thumbnails were inserted using this code:

<div class="Sirv" data-effect="zoom" data-options="fullscreen-only:true">
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/apple-watch-01.jpg" />
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/apple-watch-02.png" />
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/apple-watch-03.png" />
  <img data-src="https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/apple-watch-04.jpg" />

Copy and paste

You can copy and paste the code for your image zooms. Simply upload your images to your Sirv account then click the Embed button to get the code for embedding a zoom. Use the contact form in your account if you need assistance.

Pan and zoom

Pan and zoom has become the natural behavior when interacting with hi-res images. Users instinctively click, double click or scroll the mousewheel to zoom into an image. All these interactions are supported by the Sirv fullscreen pan and zoom feature.

Even high-resolution images load quickly thanks to the way Sirv processes and serves images. There is no need to downsize your images, as you have done in the past. In fact, you are advised to upload your highest resolution images to ensure the best possible zoom. No matter what the size, images will load quickly for your users to pan and zoom them in fullscreen.

Popularized by Google Maps, the pan and zoom technique used by Sirv is the only way to quickly display images in fine detail over any speed internet connection.

Mobile optimized

Sirv is optimized to use touch gestures for zooming and panning images on mobiles and tablets.

Single tap and double tap enlarge the image immediately to fullscreen. The oversized X button allows for easy closing of fullscreen.