360 spin

This demo shows how Sirv automatically creates 360 spins, of any size, when you upload a set of 360 images.

Click the enlarge icon in the top right to enjoy them in full-screen.


Photography using the “Martini Spin” method, invented by Karl Martini, showing both axis in the same spin.

The code

You can embed this spin in your page by copying and pasting this code:

(function() {
var sirv = document.createElement('script'); sirv.type = 'text/javascript'; sirv.async = true;
sirv.src = document.location.protocol.replace('file:', 'http:') + '//scripts.sirv.com/sirv.js';
<div class="Sirv" data-src="//sirv.sirv.com/cube/cube-hotspots5.spin"></div>

Transparent PNG demo

This spin uses 36 PNG-24 images with alpha transparency. This means you could place any background behind the spin:

For help with 360 spin, contact the team at Sirv.