Demos, for your inspiration

Deliver rich experiences to your users, straight out-of-the-box.

  • Deep zoom

    Stop downsizing your images for the web. Upload your maximum resolution photos and Sirv will serve them as glorious fast-loading zooms.

  • Dynamic imaging

    Upload one image, serve it a thousand ways. Once you’ve tried dynamic imaging, you’ll never host an image the old way again.

  • 360 spin

    Start displaying your images from all angles. Sirv autogenerates 360-degree spins from a series of images. Shoppers love it.

  • Responsive imaging

    Automatically serve images which perfectly fit your users’ screen, whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop.

  • 360 spin with hotspots

    Show hotspots on your 360 spins and draw attention to important features. One of the Sirv rich media demos.

  • Gigapixel zoom

    Even a gigapixel image can be zoomed fast by Sirv. That’s 1,000,000,000 pixels.

  • 3D spin with controls

    The clean interface of Sirv Spin is achieved partly by the minimal use of user interface controls.

  • Spin from 3D model

    3D models can be turned into interactive spins, then embedded into your website using Sirv.

  • Spin and Zoom

    Show zoom and 360 spin images on the same page. Swap between them via scrollable thumbnails.

  • Product image zoom

    Zoom into product images to see every detail. Help customers understand exactly what they’re buying.

  • Video, Spin & Zoom

    Display a mixture of video, 360 spin, static or zoomable images on your product display pages.