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Home Depot logoUse Sirv to prepare your 360-degree spin images ready for submission to your Home Depot product listings.

Home Depot requires spin imagery in certain dimensions, format and filename. Sirv makes it easy to meet all these requirements. Follow the instructions below to prepare your spins.

How to prepare 360 spins for Home Depot

1. Go to your Sirv account. New users can create an account.

2. Upload a spin or find an existing spin in your account.

3. Right-click the spin and choose "Export to Home Depot". (Tip: get a list of all your spins via the search box):

Select Export to Home Depot option

4. Enter the 9 digit OMSID that Home Depot has assigned to your product and click "Export":

Enter your Home Depot 9 digit OMSID

The 9 digit OMSID is shown at the end of the homedepot.com product page URL.

5. Click "Download" to download the zip file > Unzip the file to your computer.

Download the ZIP file

6. Log into the Home Depot 360 spin upload portal and drag & drop the OMSID folder into the page. You can upload up to 50 spins at a time.

Batch create multiple Home Depot zips

You can convert multiple spins to Home Depot zips at one time. Just use the Replit script created by the Sirv team. No coding knowledge is required - just follow these steps:

1. Create a free Replit account.

2. Go to Sirv's Home Depot batch spin export repl.

3. Click the "Fork" button.

Fork the Home Depot 360 spin repl created by Sirv, then configure your settings

4. Follow the instructions shown in red on the page to create an API client. First, add the 3 secret variables accountUrl, clientId, clientSecret via the Secrets tab on the left.

Fork the Home Depot 360 spin repl created by Sirv, then configure your settings

5. Enter the spin URLs and Home Depot OMSID numbers in the spins.txt file:

Batch prepare 360 spin photography for Home Depot listings with Sirv and Replit

6. Click "Run" and a list of results will be output to the right.

Create Home Depot 360 spins via API

Alternatively, you can use Sirv's REST API to create the zips ready for Home Depot. Refer to the API method to prepare Home Depot spins.

What are Home Depot's 360 spin requirements?

Sirv applies the following processing options to meet Home Depot's 360-degree product photography requirements:

  • JPEG format
  • 24 images per row
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows
  • 2500px by 2500px width/height
  • Clockwise rotation
  • Name files to include OMSID, spin number, column and row numbers, like so: {OMSID}_S01_R01_C01.jpg, {OMSID}_S01_R01_C02.jpg etc

S01 is the spin number. If your product has more than 1 spin, use 01 for the first spin, 02 for the second etc.

The API will provide a zip URL, ready for you to download.


If you have any questions regarding the creation of 360 spins for your Home Depot listings, please contact the Sirv support team.

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