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Easily create a list of files in CSV format from your Sirv account.

Right-click a folder or perform a search. Then choose "Export file list to CSV":

Export to CSV through right-click menu

Filtering options

When performing an export, you can specify certain file types or dates:

  • File type - all files; images; spins; videos; audio; PDFs; folders; other.
  • Date added - any time; last 24 hours; 7 days; 30 days; custom date range.

Export filtering options

CSV export result

The CSV file will contain the following columns:

Field title Example content
File /folder-name/file-name.spin
URL https://your-account.sirv.com/folder-name/file-name.spin
Name file-name.spin
Type spin
Size (bytes) 2837
Date created 2022-06-07T17:13:52.686Z
Date modified 2022-06-07T17:14:30.056Z
Title My image title here
Description My image description here
Tags tag1,tag2,tag3

CSV of search results

To create a CSV from search results, perform a search:

Export filtering options

Click the "Export to CSV" button in the top bar:

Export to CSV button

Query a folder

An alternative to downloading a CSV is to get a list of files by HTTP. Simply request the folder location, for example:


Or get the contents in JSON format via a callback:


Folder listings are hidden by default. Follow these steps to permit folder listing:

  1. Go to https://my.sirv.com/#/browse
  2. Right-click the folder and choose "Folder settings".
  3. Set "Publicly visible listing" to Yes.

Make folder publicly visible

Get folder contents with Sirv API

You can also use the Sirv REST API to check the contents of a folder. The read folder contents API method will return the filename, mimetype, content type and file size.

Depending on your needs, you may also wish to consider other ways to query Sirv.

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