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Sirv's SEO friendly image name feature can help you benefit from highly targeted SEO file names, even if you have poorly named images.

Image file names are an important factor in achieving good search engine rankings but only if they accurately represent the product. Ideally, your images should have keyword rich descriptions, but if that is not easily achievable, consider using Sirv's SEO keyword image feature.

Image SEO example

Consider this Adidas shoe image:

An example of an image with a generic file name

The master image in Sirv is named DSC001.jpg, which contains no description about the product whatsoever. In an ideal world, an optimal image file name would be something like adidas-superstar-white-sneaker.jpg, but it might take considerable time and effort to rename all your images to such ideal names. That's why Sirv provides an easy way to use SEO friendly image name URLs without actually renaming your images.

Optimal image file names (without renaming)

When it is not convenient to rename your images, you can simply append the name that you'd like to use to the image. Sirv will deliver the image, with its "new" name.

For example, the following image:

could be served as:

You can simply append any image name to the end of your image URL, preceeded by a slash / i.e.


Dynamic imaging support

You can freely use all dynamic imaging options with the SEO friendly URLs. Here's an example:

The code above will add a SEO friendly URL and resize the image to 300px width. Here's the result:

An SEO friendly URL image resized to 300px width

Usage with autofetch

SEO friendly image names are an extremely simple way to deliver highly optimised image names without having to manually rename files.

Be aware that SEO friendly names won't work if you've enabled Sirv's auto-fetch feature. Both features depend on the same trigger - what action to take if the requested file doesn't exist. Your account can use either auto-fetch or SEO friendly names, not both.

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