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Grainger logoSirv can prepare your 360-degree product spins for submission to the Grainger website.

Grainger has strict requirements for images to be accepted - image format, dimensions and filename must all meet their needs, zipped into a file. Sirv does this automatically for you.

Create 360 spins for Grainger

1. Go to your Sirv account. New users can create an account.

2. Right-click a spin and choose "Export to Grainger":

Select Export to Grainger option

Tip: get a list of "All your spins" via the search box.

3. Enter your Grainger Item # (SKU) in the field provided and Click "Export":

Enter your Grainger Item Number

(The Item # for each product is shown on its Grainger product page.)

4. Submit the completed zip files to the Grainger portal.

Submit ZIP file(s) to Grainger portal

Batch create multiple Grainger zips

You can convert multiple spins to Grainger zips at one time. Just use the Replit script created by the Sirv team. No coding knowledge is required - just follow these steps:

1. Create a free Replit account.

2. Go to Sirv's Grainger batch spin export repl.

3. Click the "Fork" button.

4. Follow the instructions shown in red on the page. First, add the 3 secret variables accountUrl, clientId, clientSecret via the Secrets tab on the left.

5. Enter the spin URLs and Grainger Item numbers in the spins.txt file.

6. Click "Run" and a list of results will be output to the right.

Create Grainger 360 spins via API

Alternatively, you can use the Sirv REST API to automatically convert spins to Grainger zips which meet all of Grainger's requirements.

What are Grainger's 360 spin requirements?

Sirv executes all of the following processing options to meet Grainger's 360-degree product photography listing requirements:

  • Resize images to 2000 × 2000 px square
  • Up to 3 rows of images (to tilt product up/down)
  • Convert to JPEG format
  • Rename images to {SKU}_SS01_R01_C01.jpg, {SKU}_SS01_R01_C02.jpg etc.
  • Package files into zipped folder with SKU (Grainger Item #)

Sirv completes this in a few seconds, providing you with a zip URL ready to submit to Grainger.


Please send any questions about preparing Grainger 360 zips to the Sirv support team.

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