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Sirv makes it easy to create videos from your interactive 360-degree product spins. It generates MP4 videos, which can be played on most devices and shared online.


This 36 frame spin has been converted to a video:

Original spin

Converted video

Conversion process

  1. Open the folder with the spin in your Sirv account and choose “Convert to video”:
  2. Screenshot on converting spin to video

  3. Specify the video width and height and the number of loops:
    Screenshot of converting spin to video menu
    You can also select any of the predefined options from the “Fit into” list:
  4. Screenshot of converting spin to video menu Fit into options

  5. Click "Convert" and Sirv will create an MP4 file from your spin. It will be stored in your Sirv account, in the same folder as the spin. If you want to save the MP4 file to your computer, click “Download”:
    Screenshot of converting spin to video ready to download

Change video speed

To increase or decrease the video rotation speed, change the “Autospin” value. Right-click the spin and choose “Customize”, then adjust the number of milliseconds (ms) per rotation:
Screenshot of adjusting autospin speed
The default speed is 3600 milliseconds (3.6 seconds) for one full rotation. A higher value will slow it down, a lower value will speed it up.

Conversion via API

You can also convert spins to videos via the Sirv REST API. This lets you fully automate video creation and downloading - ideal if you're building an app or integrating Sirv into your workflow.

REST API method: v2/files/spin2video

API conversion limit

There's an API limit on the number of spin to video conversions per hour:

  • Enterprise accounts: 400 per hour
  • Business accounts: 200 per hour
  • Free accounts: 20 per hour

If you need a higher limit, ask us about Sirv's pre-processing API with higher limits and other benefits.

If you don't have a Sirv account yet, register now to get 5GB free for a 30-day trial.

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