How to integrate Sirv Spin with Google Analytics and Facebook pixel

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You can measure the impact that 360 spins have on your conversion rate by tracking user interactions with your spins. You might also want to set up remarketing campaigns in Google and Facebook ads, to target users who have previously interacted with your 360 spins.

Tracking code

First, make sure that your tracking code is working correctly. This is important - if your tracking code isn't correctly implemented your data won't be of use.

Refer to the official Google Analytics guide for configuring tracking.

For Facebook pixel installation, follow the Facebook pixel guide.

Set up Sirv callbacks

Add Sirv Event tracking code to your product pages, using this integration code:

var SirvOptions = {
    spin: {
        /* Triggers when the spin is loaded. */
        onready: function (spin) {
            /* Send an event to Google analytics */
            ga('event', {
            	'Spin loaded',
            	eventLabel: 'event.sirv.spin.loaded'
            /* Send a custom event to Facebook */
            fbq('trackCustom', 'Sirv Spin Loaded');
        /* Triggers when user interacts with spin. */
        onspin: function (spin) {  
            /* Send a spin event to Google analytics */
            ga('event', {
            	'Spin interaction',
            	eventLabel: 'event.sirv.spin.interaction'
            /* Send a custom spin event to Facebook */
            fbq('trackCustom', 'Sirv Spin Interaction');

Place that code after the references to sirv.js, Google Analytics and/or your Facebook pixel.

You are not limited to these two Sirv Spin events - here's the full list of callbacks.

Set up event based goals in Google Analytics

Now you can turn your events into goals. This will help you clearly see how your users interact with your spins.

We recommend you follow the official Google goal guide.

Google Analytics goal set up

Additionally, you can import these goals to Google Ads and retarget visitors based on this information. For example, you can show ads to people who have interacted with your spins, or vice versa.

Set up Custom Audiences in Facebook

In Facebook, you can create a custom audience of people who have interacted with your spins. Then you can target your ads to those people, or exclude them from your ad campaigns.

set up a custom audience in Facebook

Follow the official Facebook guide to creating a custom audience. Choose people who triggered (or didn't) Sirv Spin events. That's it. You can use that audience to create remarketing campaigns.

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