Hi-res images on Sirv

Sirv was designed for serving hi-resolution images fast.

It was not designed for gigantic images but these demos shows how it can even handle images up to 1 Gigapixel.

Panoramic image zoom

Below is a 10,000px width panoramic image zoom, created from a 1.31MB file in less than 1 second. Click to zoom in through multiple zoom levels:

Gigapixel image zoom

Below is a huge 52,161px width gigapixel image zoom, created from a 75MB file. Sirv processed this in 1 minute. Once the one-off processing has completed, the images are ready to load for all future visitors. Click to zoom-in:

Gigapixel images contain at least 1 billion (1,000,000,000) pixels. They are created by taking many photos and stitching them together using software to make one gigantic image.

The images in the demo’s above are courtesy of Bulent Kahraman. They go to show that as Sirv can efficiently process such enormous images, it will make fast work of your images.

Average image processing time on Sirv is just 0.05 seconds and once an image has been generated, future requests are answered in just 0.001 second.