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ManyChat and Sirv, for personalized images

This article shows how to personalize images in Facebook Messenger bots in 15 minutes or less.

You'll need accounts with Sirv, Integromat and ManyChat. Go and sign up for all three. You'll need a paid ManyChat account for this to work.

Personalize an image in Sirv

1. Upload an image to Sirv. Either click the upload button or drag and drop the image into Sirv's interface.

2. The easiest way to personalize an image is to use Sirv's image customizer. Open your image in Sirv and follow the 5 numbers in the screenshot below:

Screenshot overlaying text on image in Sirv

3. Copy and paste the image URL somewhere safe - you'll need it later.

Connect ManyChat with Integromat

4. Go to ManyChat and grab your API key from the Settings-API page. Once again, make a note of it.

Screenshot of API token in ManyChat

5. Sign up with Integromat. Click "new scenario button" and add ManyChat:

ManyChat in integromat

6. Choose "watch incoming data" as the trigger:

Screenshot of adding trigger in Integromat

7. Set up a web hook by clicking "Add":

Screenshot of adding webhook in Integromat

8. Integromat will ask to add a connection. Click "Add" again:

Screenshot of adding connection in Integromat

9. Enter your token, which you previously generated in ManyChat.

You've successfully created a web hook for ManyChat in Integromat. It is automatically added to ManyChat, which you'll use soon...

10. Click "Add another module" button:

Screenshot of adding another module in Integromat

11. Choose "Send a text with an image":

Choosing a trigger in Integromat

12. Enter the subscriber ID in the required field:

Enter the Integromat Subscriber ID

13. Copy the URL from Sirv and insert it in the Name field (or whatever you'd like to print on the image) after the 'text.0.text' parameter.

Here's how it will look:

Image personlization with Integromat

Learn more and see useful examples in our image personalization article.

Click "Save" and don't forget to turn on the scenario.

Turn on scenario in Integromat

Trigger Integromat in ManyChat

14. Go to your flow where you'd like to show the personalized image. Edit the flow in the advanced builder.

15. Add a new step, select "Perform action" and select "Trigger Integromat":

Screenshot of triggering Integromat in ManyChat

16. Select your WebHook, which you created in Integromat previously:

Selecting a webhook in ManyChat

That's it. Click "Save" and "Publish".

We set ManyChat to send a personalized image in the "Welcome message flow". Here's how it looks in Facebook Messenger:
Personalised image in Facebook Messenger bot

You can also pass custom fields to Integromat and use other Subscriber variables. You can also use logic in your personalization, such as showing different images to women and men. This opens up virtually endless possibilities for your personalization.

Good luck!

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