Image SEO for e-commerce: How to turn your product images into a traffic generation machine

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Deep Dive into Image Personalization: Why It’s Great and How to Use It (Examples Inside)

Image personalization header illustration

Personalization has become one of the hottest marketing trends.

Nowadays, shoppers want not only products – they want better experiences. That’s what makes them come back for more.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t had enough attention in this wild personalization ride: Images!

Chat with our little friend below to learn how image personalization can help your business.
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New Feature: Image Customizer

Everyone loves Sirv for editing images on-the-fly. Marketers, designers, developers – they save tonnes of time with resize, crop, watermark and 80+ dynamic imaging options. However, it can be slow to add many options to an image URL.

Problem solved.

We’re delighted to introduce the new image customizer. Now you can pick and choose options, seeing the results instantly. It saves time and multiplies your creativity.
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GIF in Email: Re-Animate Your Marketing Strategy

Here’s a widely known fact: only about 20% of text is remembered. However, people remember 80% of pictures they see. So, when you send an email, it’s better to go visual.

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How to Make Your eBay Listing Stand Out: 3 Cool Techniques You Can Use Today

eBay disabled all active content in the description section in June 2017, effectively disabling all image effects for product descriptions. But you still have some great options to create engaging eBay listings.

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eBay Image Hosting with Sirv: A Sure-Fire Way to Improve Your Product Listings

eBay PowerSellers know the key to top performing descriptions. It’s all about showing product benefits as clearly and quickly as possible. The only medium suitable for this is images.

High-quality images give customers confidence in your products and lead to more sales. According to Hubspot, 67% of online shoppers pay special attention to image quality.

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The Most Overlooked Image Optimization Technique

Everybody loves fast websites. They feel good and they convert better. A one second difference in page load time can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue. A significant amount of that load time (62% of a page’s total weight, on average) lies on images.

All statistical data is taken from the HTTP Archive World’s top 1 million websites (according to Alexa).

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Best Number of Images for a 360 Spin

A common question we hear from clients planning their first 360 spin photo shoot is:

How many images are best for a 360 degree spin?

This important consideration has a big impact on the user experience. Picking the best number for your needs will help you get the photo-shoot right first time. Let’s look at some examples, then summarise the results.

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Introducing the Optimal Image Format

Original ImageOriginal – 373 KB JPG

Today, we announce another significant step towards image optimization tranquility.

Every web professional knows how file size changes dramatically between JPEG, PNG and GIF images. We’ve all spent hours comparing formats and compression, in search of the smallest acceptable file size. For good reason: faster pages give better conversions, higher search rankings and lower data transfer. It’s a multi-win.

But guess what? After all your manual optimization, a machine could have generated images 30% smaller still. Read more

Sirv Acquires 360° Spin Service, RotaryView

rotaryview-logo.jpgSirv announces its acquisition of the 360 spin service RotaryView, of Israel.
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