The most overlooked image optimization technique

Everybody loves fast websites. They feel good and they convert better. A one second difference in page load time can mean millions of dollars of lost revenue. A significant amount of that load time (62% of a page’s total weight, on average) lies on images.

All statistical data is taken from the HTTP Archive. World’s top 1 million websites (according to Alexa) data-set was used.

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Best number of images for a 360 spin

A common question we hear from clients planning their first 360 spin photo shoot is:

How many images are best for a 360 degree spin?

This important consideration has a big impact on the user experience. Picking the best number for your needs will help you get the photo-shoot right first time. Let’s look at some examples, then summarise the results.

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Introducing the optimal image format

Original ImageOriginal – 373 KB JPG

Today, we announce another significant step towards image optimization tranquility.

Every web professional knows how file-size changes dramatically between JPEG, PNG and GIF images. We’ve all spent hours comparing formats and compression, in search of the smallest acceptable file-size. For good reason: faster pages give better conversions, higher search rankings and lower data transfer. It’s a multi-win.

But guess what? After all your manual optimization, a machine could have generated images 30% smaller still. Read more

Sirv acquires 360° spin service, RotaryView

rotaryview-logo.jpgSirv announces its acquisition of the 360 spin service RotaryView, of Israel.
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