Serve images from a custom domain

Your Sirv account has 2 subdomains to deliver files from:

  • – served direct from Sirv’s primary datacenter.
  • – served from the closest server on Sirv’s global CDN.

You can change your CDN domain to a subdomain of your own website, for example:


Or use a completely separate domain that you own:


Configure your domain

1. On the Settings page of your Sirv account, click to configure your custom domain:

Configure custom domain

2. Enter the domain you wish to use:

Enter your custom domain

3. Now login to the control panel of your domain name provider, to configure a new CNAME record. Find the option to edit your DNS records and add a CNAME record pointing your chosen subdomain at your Sirv CDN domain, which is shown here:

Copy your CNAME record

Some domain name providers might require the full CNAME record, which would look like this: 300 IN CNAME

4. Wait about 10 minutes while your new DNS settings propagate around the internet, then click “Verify my domain”. (To track progress, you can use a CNAME checker.)

Verify your new CNAME record

Once Sirv has verified your new subdomain, it will update your CDN URLs.

Your new domain

After your custom domain has been configured, any existing CDN URLs will no longer work. If you have published any live links to CDN URLs, you should update those.

  • Old CDN URL e.g. will stop working.
  • New custom domain e.g. will start working.
  • Direct URL e.g. will work as normal.

Sirv’s custom domains feature is available for app paid and trial accounts (not free accounts).

Automatic SSL certification

To permit your files to be served over secure HTTPS connections, Sirv issues your account with a free SSL certificate from the Lets Encrypt Certificate Authority.

The entire certificate registration process is automated – including renewals – so certification is not something you need to be concerned about. Just follow the steps above to configure your custom domain and Sirv will handle SSL certification.

Your own certificate

We recommend using the free SSL certificate issued by Sirv (its free and requires no setup by you).

If you would prefer to use your own wildcard certificate or you’d like to buy a certificate (a Comodo PositiveSSL would suffice), please send us these items:

  1. SSL certificate
  2. SSL key
  3. SSL certificate chain

Expert help

If you have questions or would like help configuring your custom domain, please contact the Sirv support team from your Sirv account.

If you don’t already have a Sirv account, create a free trial now.

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