Serve images from a custom domain

Every Sirv account is created with 2 subdomains, either of which can deliver your files:

  • – served direct from Sirv’s primary datacenter.
  • – served from Sirv’s fast global CDN.

Alternatively, you can personalize your URLs by using a subdomain of your domain, for example:


Or use a completely separate domain that you own:


Configure your domain

To configure your domain, you must add a CNAME record.

1. Login to the control panel of your domain name provider.

2. Under the settings for your domain’s DNS records, find the option to edit the records.

3. Go to your Sirv Settings page and copy your unique custom domain location. It looks something like this:

4. Paste that unique custom domain into the control panel of your domain name provider as a CNAME record. The record also requires the domain name that files should be served from e.g.

5. Some domain name providers might require you to add the full CNAME record to the DNS. It will look like this: 300 IN CNAME

If you need assistance in configuring the CNAME, please contact your domain name provider. Tell them the subdomain you wish to use and your unique Sirv CDN domain. You can also request guidance from the Sirv support team.

Once the CNAME record has been added to your domain, please notify the Sirv support team via your account.

It typically takes 5-30 minutes for DNS record changes to propagate across the web, though can take up to 24 hours.

Multiple domains

After your custom domain has been configured, any existing CDN URLs will no longer work. If you have published any live links to CDN URLs, you should update those.

  • CDN URL e.g. will stop working.
  • Custom domain e.g. will start working.
  • Direct URL e.g. will work as normal.

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