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Each new Sirv account has a randomly-generated account name, shown on your Settings page. It determines your subdomain and appears in your file URLs.

For example:

  • Account name: crandlpo
  • Direct subdomain:
  • CDN subdomain:

Change your account name

We recommend changing the name to something personal, such as your business name.

To change your account name, enter a new name on your Settings page. Any images that you've published with your old subdomain will instantly stop working, so be ready to replace any live URLs with your new subdomain.

Name criteria

Account names must be:

  • 6-30 characters in length
  • Letters a-z and/or numbers 0-9
  • Lower-case only
  • ASCII only

Custom domain name

Alternatively, you can change your domain to any subdomain of your choice, such as

This makes your URLs highly personalized. Read the easy steps to configure your custom subdomain.

Create your Sirv account

If you don't have a Sirv account yet, create one now. Use it to host your images and serve them perfectly optimized to any screen size or device. Append options to any image URL to instantly resize, crop or otherwise style the image. Use it for embedding deep zoom images or 360 spins.

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