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Sirv can serve your PDF as a zoomable gallery, so users can view it on your website using any device, without needing a PDF program. Each page of the PDF will be shown as a hi-res image, allowing the user to zoom in to read text and inspect images and diagrams in detail.

PDF galleries have thumbnails, bullets and arrows to help users navigate the pages. They are highly customizable, allowing you to change the layout, sizes and colors to match the style of your website.

The following PDF goes straight to fullscreen on click and can then be zoomed further on additional click:

The PDF gallery below uses bullets instead of thumbnails for images. It has other customizations too - fullscreen mode is entered by clicking the icon in the top right; the zoom message hint is disabled; and the zoom magnification level is set at x3:

How to add a zoomable PDF gallery to your website:

  1. Upload your PDF to your Sirv account. If you don't already have a Sirv account, create a free account.
  2. Ask the Sirv support team to give you access to the zoomable PDF creation tool.
  3. Use the gallery customization wizard to make any adjustments you wish: thumbnails, arrows, zoom, fullscreen etc.
  4. Paste the code into your website.

Other PDF capabilities

You can also use Sirv to serve your PDF files as actual PDF files - just use a link to the file itself.

You can also serve your PDF as an image. Any page of your PDF can be served as an image, at any size, in any format. You can also change the canvas size, crop the image, apply watermarks, text overlays and over 100 other image effects.

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