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If you use the Free plan, a 'Powered by Sirv' link will be displayed in the corner of your spins and zooms.

It looks like this:

Powered by Sirv logo

The logo is shown only on interactive images - not on standard images.

Example logo on Sirv Spin:

Example logo on Sirv Zoom:

Trial plan

The 'Powered by Sirv' logo is not displayed during the 30-day trial of new accounts. Before the end of the trial, you can either select a paid Business plan or do nothing and Sirv will automatically switch your account to the Free plan.

Business plan

To remove the "Powered by Sirv" message, upgrade to a Business plan.

Anyone who has previously viewed a spin/zoom containing the logo may continue to see the message for up to 5 minutes or until they clear their cache.

View all the Business plans or go to your account to upgrade your plan now.

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