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Your Sirv account can serve images from many different domains/subdomains, enabling you to personalize your file URLs however you wish. It's particularly useful for serving images to multiple websites, with each site having its own custom image URLs.

Multiple and custom domains

Every domain added to your account will have a direct subdomain and a customizable CDN domain.

This example shows an identical master image being served from two different subdomains:

By configuring your CDN domain to use your own domain name, you can personalize your URLs. Simply add a CNAME record to configure a custom domain.

Your custom domains can be any subdomain of any domain you own e.g.


You will receive a free SSL certificate for each custom domain, so files can be served over HTTPS.

Custom folders

The root folder of each of your custom domains can be configured separately. By default, the root folder will be your home Sirv folder. You could change it to any folder or subfolder in your account.

For example, let's say you had a custom domain of, you could map that to a folder such as /arkwright in your Sirv account. An image located at /arkwright/example.jpg would be served from

Custom profiles

Each subdomain can have its own Default profile. The Default profile contains the standard settings applied to all your images. A different default profile could be used to apply a watermark to images from a certain subdomain or change the TTL file caching time or any of the other 100+ default settings.

Before setting a different default profile for a subdomain, create a new profile in your Profiles folder, with the custom default settings you wish to have.


Additional domains are charged at $5/month.

Add more domains

In a future update, you will be able to add new domains from the Settings page of your account.

Until then, please request your new domains by messaging the Sirv support team.

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