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Sirv can serve a wide variety of files, for rapid delivery through its global CDN or servers.

Different file formats are handled differently by Sirv:

  • Store - any file type can be stored in your Sirv account.
  • Serve - most common files can be served from your account.
  • Process - images can be processed prior to serving (see the dynamic imaging guide).

Supported file formats

Files not listed above

It may be possible to serve other files, not listed above. Please contact us to describe your requirements if there are other file formats you'd like to deliver from your Sirv account.

SVG files

Sirv supports the hosting and serving of SVG files. Due to the nature of SVG being an XML-based vector image format, Sirv's resizing and other dynamic imaging operations are disabled for this file format.

PDF files

PDFs can be served exactly as they are in their original format. They can also be converted into images, which is perfect for showing quick PDF previews on a web page. Any page of your PDF can be displayed with any of the 80+ dynamic image processing options applied to the image, including resize, crop, format and quality.

PSD & AI files

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files can be processed by Sirv and served as WebP/JPEG/PNG. Photoshop documents will be processed to show the first layer in the document. Any of Sirv's 80+ dynamic image processing options may be applied to the image, such as resizing, crop, image format and quality.

JS, CSS, HTML and other text files

Text file serving is available to all paid accounts (not free accounts). For rapid loading, JS, CSS, HTML and other text files are compressed using Gzip. These files inherit the same expires header as you set in your Default profile (7 days by default), meaning they can be cached in a users browser for instant repeat loading.

JS and CSS are automatically minified by Sirv, so they download faster. The original files are stored unchanged. Minification is implemented for files smaller than 256 KB. Larger files are served as they are.

TIFF, RAW, CR2, NEF files

You can upload TIFF, RAW, CR2, NEF and other such uncompressed image files to Sirv but they cannot be processed by default. Sirv is designed to process images super-fast. Uncompressed image formats can take many seconds to process, which might impact performance for other Sirv users. For this reason, processing is turned off by default.

It may be possible to enable processing of such formats for your account. To request this, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Zip files

Zip files (.zip) provide a useful way for uploading many files and folders in a single upload. Any zip file that you upload to Sirv will be automatically unpacked and deleted. There are some limits, like the total size of the zip and the number of sub-nested folders. Read more about how Sirv handles Zip files.

You can disable zip unpacking and deletion in your Default profile. Both "Zip unpacking" and "Zip deletion" are set to enabled. You can change them to disabled.

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