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You can use your Sirv account to host a static website. These are sites without forms, database lookups or scripts that need to communicate with a backend.

Static sites load extremely fast, because all assets can be served from Sirv's highly-optimized CDN and the page has no dependencies on backend processes.

Follow the steps below to configure web pages on Sirv.

Choose a paid account

To serve HTML pages from your Sirv account, you need a paid account. If you have a Free or Trial plan, upgrade to a paid plan here.

Landing pages

Upload a file named index.html to a folder in your account and it will act as the landing page for that folder path. This also works for the root (home) folder of your Sirv account.

Configure your CNAME

This is optional but you'll probably want your website to use your own domain name.

To point a domain name at your Sirv account, configure a CNAME DNS record. Follow the instructions to configure your CNAME.

Your CNAME can point to any subdomain of your domain, such as or

If you'd like to use your root domain instead of a subdomain, that is also possible. CNAME records can only be created for subdomains, so first you should configure a CNAME for a subdomain such as www, then you should configure URL forwarding, to forward requests from to

SSL certificate

Sirv automatically issues and renews an SSL certificate for each of your domains, so you don't need to buy or configure any SSL certs.


Upload your files to your Sirv account via any of the upload methods:

  • Browser upload - the most popular way to drop files, folders or zips into your account at
  • FTP - convenient and easy
  • S3 - secure alternative to FTP
  • API - automate uploads however you need
  • CSV - upload a list of files

Get help

If you need any help configuring your static website, contact the Sirv customer support team.

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