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Sirv can quickly add image watermarks to your 360 spins, zooms or static images.

The step-by-step tutorial below shows you how.

Compare these two spins, with and without a watermark:



The watermark was added by simply choosing some settings in a profile and appending the profile name to the end of the URL, like so:

  • Before: https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/drmartenboot-3d/boot.spin
  • After: https://sirv.sirv.com/website/demos/drmartenboot-3d/boot.spin?profile=logo-on-spin

Watermark tutorial

1. Upload your watermark image to your Sirv account. It can be saved in any folder of your account. (New users can create a Sirv account).

This is the watermark used in the demo (a transparent PNG):

2. Go to your Profiles folder and click "Create Profile".

3. Give your profile a descriptive name that you'll recognize and click "Create".

4. Navigate to Watermark overlays for the image(s) where you'd like to apply the watermark. Sirv serves 3 sets of images - main images that are embedded in your page, full-screen images for the fullscreen view and zoom images for a very detailed zoom. You can apply watermarks to some or all of these 3 sets.

5. Click the "+" button to create a new watermark. If required, you can apply up to 4 different watermarks on the image.

6. Enter the location of the watermark image in your Sirv account, starting from the root /.

7. Choose any other options you wish, for example, the size and position of the watermark.

8. Save your options and the profile will be ready to use.

9. Apply the profile to a spin by appending ?profile=name-of-your-profile to the spin. In the demo above, the URL is:


Watermarking methods

Watermarks can either applied with the method above or in a spin file by clicking the "Edit" button next to the spin. There is an important difference:

  • Spin - settings applied in a .spin file are applied only to that spin.
  • Profile - settings applied via a .profile are applied to any spins which reference that profile.

In most cases, the best method is to create a profile. It gives you control to manage lots of spins from one single place. You can quickly make changes to your watermark and they are applied immediately to every spin that references that profile.

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