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Spin files are automatically generated when you upload a set of images to Sirv. Sirv detects the sequence via the ascending digits in the image names.

However, if you upload fewer than 8 images or if the file names don't have an ascending sequence, a spin file will not be generated.

You can easily generate a spin manually, just follow the steps below:

Create a spin file

1. Open the folder containing your images.

Images in a folder

2. Click Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select images or use shift-click to choose a selection of images:

Select all images in Sirv folder

3. Click the "Create Spin" button at the top:

Click button to create spin

4. Enter a name for the spin and click "Create":

Choose a name for your spin

5. The spin file will appear:

Newly generated spin file

6. Click the spin to see its HTML embed code:

JavaScript HTML code for 360 spin

Now you can use the spin - share its URL or copy and paste the code to embed it in your website.

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