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A common question we hear from clients planning their first 360 spin photo shoot is:

How many images are best for a 360 degree spin?

This important consideration has a big impact on the user experience. Picking the best number for your needs will help you get the photo-shoot right first time. Let's look at some examples, then summarise the results.


The best way to decide is to visualise the difference. The following examples contain 8, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 72 images. Rotate them to feel the experience...

8 images

Quantity 8 images
Total file-size 112.2 KB
Download time 0.3 seconds

12 images

Quantity 12 images
Total file-size 168.24 KB
Download time 0.4 seconds

18 images

Quantity 18 images
Total file-size 252.36 KB
Download time 0.5 seconds

24 images

Quantity 24 images
Total file-size 336.48 KB
Download time 0.7 seconds

36 images

Quantity 36 images
Total file-size 504.72 KB
Download time 1 second

72 images

Quantity 72 images
Total file-size 1.1 MB
Download time 2 seconds


The key considerations are:

Pros Cons
Fewer images Faster download time
Lower photography cost
Mediocre experience
More images Smooth
Shows more of the product
Sophisticated experience
Longer download time
Higher photography cost / time

File size matters

The number of images for a 360 spin should not be your only consideration. Loading time also depends on image dimensions, image compression and a hosting platform able to serve your images fast, such as Sirv. Be sure to check these 5 things to make your images load faster.

You have immediate control over image size and compression in your Sirv control panel (no manually resizing of images yourself), so you can quickly find the optimal balance for your site.

The total file size of the original images used in the '72 images' example is a whopping 40.4 MB. Sirv dramatically compresses these 72 images to just 1.1 MB and they still look beautiful.


The best number of images for a 360 spin depends on your goals. If you're selling luxury goods or need to make a high impact, 72 images may be ideal. You might use even more - some Sirv users create ultra-smooth spins from 3D renderings with 200+ images.

In general, we recommend 36 images. The rotation feels smooth and the images download at an acceptable speed.

Note: Download time was calculated based on a 4 MB connection with a 30% overhead.

Credit: Thanks to Swivel UK for the gorgeous images of the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair.

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