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Master account & sub-accounts

Your Sirv account can have many sub-accounts. This can be suitable for:

  • Businesses with multiple brands/divisions
  • Web agencies with multiple customers
  • Photo studios with multiple customers
  • PrestaShop/Magento multi-stores


Only your master account will be billed, with payment information and payment history shown on your Billing page. Your sub-accounts will not receive a bill, nor will the payment information or history be displayed on their Billing page.


The storage and transfer allowances of your master account will be shared between all your accounts. The master account will display the total amount of storage used and the storage per account, on your Usage page. The sub-accounts will display the amount used by that account and the total amount still available to use.

If the total storage or transfer usage of all combined accounts exceeds the master allowance, notification emails will be sent to all owners and admins of the master account. The master account should be upgraded to a larger plan within the time frame specified (30 days if storage allowance is exceeded). If the master account becomes frozen for exceeding an allowance, all sub-accounts will also be frozen.


Usage statistics will be displayed as usual, for each account. The Analytics page shows total traffic, top referring domains, top countries, cities, browsers and most popular files.


To start using multiple accounts with a single master account, please contact the Sirv support team.

Alternatively, you can create multiple separate Sirv accounts, with your existing user. Each account will have its own billing settings and allowances.

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