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Your storage allowance on Sirv

Your account has two storage limits:

  • Storage allowance - the long-term allowance permitted by your Sirv plan.
  • Burstable storage allowance - a 30-day temporary allowance, permitting you to exceed your standard allowance.

If you exceed your allowance, either upgrade to the next plan or delete files to return within your allowance.

The total storage space used is shown on the Usage page in your account. The value shown is a value stored in your Sirv account and updated 30 seconds after you upload or delete files.

If an upload or delete process either fails or restarts (be it via FTP, S3 or, the queue will be lost and the storage value not updated. This could result in the incorrect storage value shown in your account. To counter this, Sirv calculates the exact storage once per day. If the storage value shown in your account appears to differ from the true storage amount, it will be automatically recalculated within 24 hours and shown in your account.

There's no need to worry about exceeding your storage limit, because you have a 30-day burstable limit and you can simply upgrade to the next plan any time.

This method of displaying your storage value is deliberately not real-time. It is one of the many optimizations in Sirv to ensure the fastest possible performance for image delivery.

Storage amount

The storage amount displayed in your account is updated every 5 minutes. The value can be inaccurate if files have been deleted then reuploaded with the same name. Each night, the precise usage is calculated and the value updated on your Usage page.

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