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There are two ways to share folders:

  • Share a folder with anyone, by generating a link.
  • Share and collaborate on a folder with another Sirv account.

Generate a link

Create a sharing URL and send it to whoever you want to share the files with. It's a live link, so reflects the real-time contents of the folder. When you add or delete files, anyone viewing will see the latest contents.

1. Right-click the folder and choose "Share".

Screenshot - choose sharing options

2. Click "Create a link".

Screenshot - generate folder sharing link

3. Copy the link and send it to whoever you wish to share it with.

You can disable the shared link any time. Visitors will no longer be able to see the folder contents. If you generate a shared link again for the same folder, it will be a new URL.

Collaborate with another account

Alternatively, you can share folders with other Sirv accounts. This method is great for collaboration with photographers, web teams, external agencies and suppliers who also use Sirv but you don't want to make them a user of your account.

You can make the shared folder editable or read only. If editable, the recipient account will have permission to add, edit, delete, rename and copy the contents of the folder. The physical files remain in your account - they are not copied the other account - so they count towards your storage usage only. When served, the data transfer will count towards the original plans data transfer allowance.

The folder will appear in the "Shared" folder of the other account.

1. Right-click the folder and choose "Share..." from the menu.

Screenshot - choose sharing options

2. Enter the name of the account you want to share the folder with. The account name is the same name used in subdomains, for example the account name of is examplecompany.

Screenshot - choose account name

3. Choose whether to make the files read-only, then click "Share". Read-only lets the other account see the files and download them but not delete, modify, rename or move them.

4. You have now shared the folder. Your screen will display the list of folders you have shared and their settings.

Screenshot - list of shared folders

5. The folder will immediately appear in the other account, inside the "Shared with me" folder.

Screenshot - two shared folders

Read-only folders display a 'lock' icon on the folder. All other folders are normal read/write folders.

Screenshot - two shared folders

Moving folders

All folders shared with you by other Sirv accounts are received into your 'Shared with me' folder. The folder and its files remain in the control of and exist physically on the other Sirv account. If you wish to start using the files, copy them to your account.

To copy a folder(s) from "Shared with me", right-click the folder and choose "Copy to...":

Screenshot - moving a folder

Select the folder you'd like to save the files in and click "Copy here". It could take a few minutes to move a large number of files.

Alternatively, login using your FTP program, find the folder and drag it to a new location:

Animated screenshot - moving folders

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