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Accounts can become frozen in the following circumstances:

  • An invoice had been overdue for 30+ days.
  • Storage allowance has been exceeded for 30+ days.
  • Monthly transfer allowance has been exceeded for 2+ months.

Limitations on frozen accounts

You can still login to a frozen account to fix the problem, however, these restrictions will apply:

  1. Images will no longer be served to your websites (requests will yield a 403 error).
  2. New image uploads will fail.

How to unlock a frozen account

Unpaid invoice or exceeded transfer allowance

If your account has been frozen because of a payment failure for 30+ days or exceeding your bandwidth allowance, go to the billing page to fix your card details. Try another card if necessary.

The billing card details page looks like this:

Screenshot: enter your card details

Unpaid invoice or exceeded transfer allowance

If your account has become frozen because your storage allowance has been exceeded 30+ days, go to the billing page and upgrade to the next plan. Also ensure that your card details have been added and are correct.

Alternatively, delete enough images to return within your permitted storage allowance. Once within your allowance, the account will be automatically unfrozen within 24 hours. If you want it unfrozen sooner, please send a message to the Sirv support team.

How to prevent a frozen account

Before an account becomes frozen, between 4 to 6 email notifications are sent to the account owner(s) over a 30-day period. Warning notifications are also generated daily and displayed on your Notifications page.

Take these steps to prevent account freezing:

1. Check that your registered email address is correct and always up-to-date.

2. Check that you are receiving emails from Add our email address to your address book to prevent it going to your spam. If you see an email from Sirv in your spam/junk, mark it as not spam.

3. Invite your team members to join your Sirv account. All users with the "Owner" role will receive a warning email if ever there is a problem that requires action. Sirv accounts can have one Primary Owner and multiple Owners - see the 6 roles and permissions available.

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