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New accounts start on a free 30-day trial. Upgrade to a paid plan whenever you wish - your new plan will start immediately and any remaining free trial days will end. If you do not upgrade within 30 days, your account will switch to the Free plan.

Sirv offers a variety of price plans to suit businesses from startups to multinational corporations.

Choose your paid Sirv plan from your Sirv account. Pay either monthly or yearly - annual plans receive a discount equivalent to 1 month free.

High transfer plans

If you require a large amount of bandwidth and only a small amount of storage, a High Transfer plan might be more suitable for you. These plans are not yet available within your Sirv control panel, so contact Sirv support to ask about these plans.

Payment and currency

The typical payment method is credit/debit card. Once you have entered your card details and chosen a price plan, your card will be charged at 3am UTC the following day.

Credit/Debit card

Accepted cards All major credit/debit cards are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Maestro.

Credit card payments are billed in US Dollars. If your card currency is not USD, your bank will convert the USD amount to your local currency.

Bank/Wire transfer

Alternatively, you may pay by bank transfer for annual billing plans that exceed $500 per year.

The currency of your invoice will be determined by your location:

  • GBP - if your billing country is the UK
  • EUR - if your billing country is in the Eurozone
  • USD - if your billing country is elsewhere in the world

Please contact Sirv support if you'd like to switch to yearly bank payments.


Invoices will be emailed to all Owner and Billing users (see Users) at 03:00 UTC, if your card was successfully charged.

Invoices can also be sent to additional email addresses known as "Billing contacts", without adding them as a user:

Add billing contact

Invoices can also be downloaded from your Billing page.

Subscription renewal

Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year. To end your subscription, switch to the Free plan or close your account (see cancellation).

Failed payment

If payment fails, the system will retry your card each night at 03:00 UTC until successful payment has been received, then you will receive your invoice by email.

Payment failure notifications will be emailed to all Owner and Billing users after 7, 14 and 28 days of non-payment. If payment fails for 30 days, your account will become frozen.

Updating your card

If you enter a new card, the system will attempt to charge it the following morning at 03:00 UTC. Once it has been successfully charged, you'll receive confirmation via email.

Upgrade or downgrade

You can change your plan at any time. Your new plan will start immediately when you upgrade or downgrade.

All remaining days from your old plan will be credited to your new invoice and a new full period (month or year) will commence.

Your card will be charged at 03:00 UTC and an invoice will be sent by email once payment has been received.

Cancellation or downgrade to Free

To cancel your Sirv subscription, you can either switch to the Free plan or permanently close your account by clicking the red Close account link.

To switch to the Free plan, delete sufficient files so that your account uses less than 500 MB of storage. Your last 2 months of data transfer should be under 2 GB per month.

If you cancel a paid plan, you will receive a credit in your Sirv account. No refunds are provided but the equivalent value of unused days will be available for future Sirv usage. Credits do not expire, so you can use the funds towards any future project.

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