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Your Sirv account permits multiple users, to help you collaborate with your team. Each user gets their own username/password and is assigned one of 5 roles, depending on the tasks they need to perform.

Refer to the table of roles and permissions for the full list of permissions per role. Only Primary Owner, Owner and Admin roles have the authority to add/remove users.

Adding and removing users is fast and easy. It all happens on your Users page...

Invite a new user

1. To add a user, log in to your Sirv account. (If you don't have an account yet, register here).

2. Go to your Users page (Account > Users) and click "Add user":

Add a user to your Sirv account

3. Enter the persons email address, full name and choose a suitable role for them:

Fill in Add user form in Sirv account

4. The new user will receive an invitation email asking them to join your account:

New account user will receive an email

If the person already uses Sirv, they will gain instant access to your account.

5. The new user will create a password:

New user chooses own Sirv account password

Remove a user

1. To remove a user, log in to your Sirv account.

2. Go to your Users page (Account > Users):

Users section in the Sirv account

3. Click the "Remove" link next to the user you wish to remove:

Users section in the Sirv account

4. A dialog will appear, asking for confirmation:

Confirm Sirv user is to be removed

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