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Sirv automatically protects your images from being served with malware.

Images that you upload to Sirv are stored without any modifications. This is one of the founding principles of Sirv's file storage - your files are preserved in their original state and are never modified.

Images that are served to your website visitors, however, undergo an automatic optimization process, which removes all malware threats. If an uploaded image contains malware, that malware will be removed when the image is served.

Raster images

Pixel-based raster files (such as JPEG, PNG, GIF) are passed through Sirv's image optimization and meta stripping automation, before they are served. This process strips any malware that may exist, removing any risk of steganography (a Trojan horse technique of concealing information within an ordinary file).

Vector images

Vector-based files (such as SVG, EPS, PSD, Illustrator) are passed through Sirv's file optimization and sanitization process, before they are served. This process reduces the file size, whilst also removing any steganography risk.

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