How to change your Sirv default settings

With more than 100 options for customizing your dynamic images, spins and zooms, we were mindful to choose attractive default settings. Your spins and zooms will immediately look great. You can take even greater control of your images by adjusting these defaults settings.

In most cases, the default settings are suitable. You can simply create profiles whenever you want to change settings for images or spins. In some cases, you might like to set different master defaults for your entire account.

Introducing the Default profile

A special Default.profile file can be created in your Profiles folder. It’s a simple way to override the master default settings.

For example, let’s say you want to show a watermark image on every image in your account. You can either do this by creating a profile with a name of your choice and attaching it to the end of all your image/spin URLs, or you can create a Default.profile.

Use it with care. Keep in mind that new defaults will come into use immediately. Every live image processed and cached by Sirv will be immediately invalidated. They will be recreated on demand the next time a visitor views them.

How to change the default settings

  1. Go to the Profiles folder in your Sirv account.
  2. Create a new profile and name it Default (with a capital D).
    Screenshot of profile name
  3. Choose your settings and click Save.
  4. You’ll see the new Default.profile in your list of Profiles.
    Screenshot of Profiles page

Every image in your account will now be served using your new default settings. Any settings that you leave untouched will continue to inherit the standard Sirv default settings.

Override the default settings

Whether or not you create a Default.profile, your default settings can be overridden by referencing another profile or by adding options in your URL.

Methods for changing the settings of an image or spin are:

  • Profile – create a profile and add the name of the profile to the end of an image/spin URL e.g.
  • URL – add your options to the end of an image/spin URL e.g.
  • Spin file – click Edit next to a spin file to change its settings.
  • JavaScript – spin options can be also be added in JavaScript.

The power of Profiles

Profiles are extremely powerful – every image or spin that references a profile will be instantly updated when you change the profile settings. It gives you precise control over the design of images on your website.

You can create as many profiles as you wish and apply them to any image or spin.

Go to the Profiles folder of your account to see some example profiles and create your own.

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