360 spin for Squarespace

Squarespace logoSirv makes it easy to add 360-degree spins to your Squarespace website.

Follow these instructions to show beautiful spinning products with a stunning fullscreen option.

1. Upload your spin images to your Sirv account. If you don’t have an account yet, register here. Either upload images via the Sirv website or use FTP (Sirv FTP settings).

2. Navigate to the spin in your Sirv account:

Sirv account 360 spin screenshot

3. Copy the sirv.js code shown underneath your spin:

Sirv 360 spin JavaScript code

4. Paste it into your Squarespace account by going to Settings > Advanced > Code injection > Header:

Screnshot: Squarespace code injection

5. Click the Save button at the top of the Code Injection section. Now you can embed spins on any page of your Squarespace website.

6. Go to your Squarespace page where you want to add a 360 spin and click + or Add Block:

Squarespace add code block

7. Then click the “Code” link:

Squarespace code block

8. Copy the div code shown underneath your spin:

Sirv HTML spin code

9. Paste it into the Code block and click Apply:

Paste HTML code into code block

10. Now you can preview your spin and interact with it:

Screenshot of 360 spin Squarespace

If you wish to move your spin, drag the code block anywhere else on your page.

Visit the Squarespace documentation page for more information about using the Code Block.

If you want to know more about embedding beautiful 360-degree product spins into your Squarespace web pages, get in touch via the contact form within your Sirv account.

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