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Sirv can help you get your media asset management to the next level with powerful tools like easy copy/move files and folders, search and tagging.

Uploading media

Upload files to Sirv either from your Sirv account or via your WordPress admin panel: "Sirv" > "Media Library", this is how it looks:

Upload images via Sirv Media Library

Upload images by clicking the 'Upload images' button:

How to upload media to Sirv

Renaming and deleting media

You can rename and delete media in your Sirv media library. Simply right-click a file, or click the dropdown menu icon and choose the action you want to do.

Upload images via Sirv Media Library

Use the search box to quickly find the files you need.

How Sirv search looks like in WordPress

Keep in mind that you can tag your images in your Sirv account and they will be used for search purposes too. You can also use AI to tag your images automatically.

Help from a Sirv expert

If you have any questions about how to use the Sirv for WordPress plugin, please contact our support team from your Sirv account.

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