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Shopify logoTransform static images into incredible interactive pictures. Your Shopify visitors will be delighted by the difference.

Embed gorgeous deep zoomable images on any Shopify page, blog post or product description area with Sirv Zoom. It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

Completely dynamic, Sirv Zoom displays images perfectly no matter how many times your Theme is changed.

Step-by-step guide

Follow the simple steps below to enjoy responsive image zooming on all text areas.

1. Log in to Shopify and pick any page, blog post or product description. (This example uses the product description).

2. Click "Show HTML icon" in Description area.

Shopify HTML icon

3. Upload images to your Sirv account. If you don't have an account yet, register here.

Upload images to Sirv

4. Select an image > Go to "Embed as" > Select "Sirv Zoom" > Set "Width" & "Height" you want image to display on Shopify web page:

Choose Sirv zoom settings

5. Scroll down page to "Embed this image" section > Copy Script code:

Copy Sirv Zoom script code

6. Go to Shopify product and paste Script code in Description area:

Paste Sirv Zoom script code into Shopify

7. Return to Sirv and copy <div> code:

Copy Sirv Zoom div code

8. In Shopify, paste <div> code in Description area (under Script code) > Click "Save" button:

Paste Sirv Zoom div code into Shopify

9. Preview your web page. An image is zoomable when the buttons are displayed:

Preview zoomable image on Shopify web page

10. Add as many images to the <div> code you want to appear in your image gallery (example below):

<div class="Sirv" data-effect="zoom">
  <img data-src="//">
  <img data-src="//">
  <img data-src="//">

Add as many images to your Sirv Zoom gallery in Shopify


Sirv Zoom will not work in a product page description area if Magic Zoom Plus app is installed.

Expert help

Get in touch from your Sirv account with any questions about adding Sirv to your Shopify store.

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