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WordPress logo The Sirv plugin for WordPress will sync as many images as possible to your Sirv account and deliver them resized, optimized and in next-gen formats from Sirv CDN.

Background CSS images can also be served from Sirv, by telling Sirv where your external CSS files are located. Follow the steps below.

How to sync background images

Your external CSS files are located somewhere on your WordPress server. We need to find that location, so the files can be scanned. Your CSS files might be in your active theme folder, which makes this really simple. Otherwise, you must identify the folder location of the files. Here's how to do it:

1. Click the Synchronization tab on the Sirv plugin Settings page.

2. Click Scan CSS for images to check if your CSS files are being served from your active theme.

CSS background image settings in Sirv plugin

3. If many images were found and synced, then that's a good indication that your site is using your active theme. That's it - you've finished! Otherwise, continue to step 4.

4A. If no images were synced, they'll be located elsewhere on your server. To identify where, open your website and open your browser console (Windows keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + I Mac keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + I).

4B. Click the Network tab and click Images. For fewer results, enter -sirv to filter out non-Sirv images:

Find your WordPress images in the browser console

4C. Click one of the images being served from your domain. In the Headers section, the Referrer will contain the folder path that you need. Copy it:

Find referrer for image served by WordPress

4D. Go back to the Sirv plugin, click Folder and paste the folder path:

Enter folder path to CSS files

In this example, the path is:


5. Click the button to "Scan CSS for images" and if that was the correct folder location, your background images will be successfully synced to Sirv. In the screenshot above, 62 images were synced to Sirv.

Images to be synced

All images on your domain will be synced to your Sirv account.

Images will not sync if they are:

  • On another domain
  • Inaccessible
  • Access denied

Features of background CSS sync

Benefits of serving your CSS background images from Sirv:

  • Image optimization - best possible image optimization, will maximize your PageSpeed score.
  • Next-gen formats - Sirv automatically serves formats such as WebP (recommended by Google).
  • Sirv CDN - images served from the nearest CDN location, for faster loading.
  • HTTP/2 & TLS1.3 - the latest technologies for fast and secure file transfer.
  • Browser caching - choose how long browsers cache your images for.

Features not available to CSS background images:

  • Lazy loading - images will load on page load, not lazily.
  • Automatic scaling - images won't be scaled, so add w or h to the URL to scale an image.

Advanced options

To add/edit/remove any CSS images, click to show the CSS code, perform your edits, then click Save CSS code once you've finished:

CSS for changing background image paths to Sirv

Help from a Sirv expert

If you have any questions about how to use the Sirv for WordPress plugin, please contact our support team from your Sirv account.

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