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With Sirv's GitHub action you can automatically upload images from a folder in your GitHub repo to your Sirv account. It's a simple way to leverage Sirv's image CDN power: automatically convert images to next-gen formats, optimize and resize them, as well as apply more than 100 transformation options in your app.

Get Sirv API credentials

Create a Sirv API client. You can do this in your Sirv account settings.

create an API client

After creating the API client, you'll be able to access your clientId and clientSecret keys.

Sirv Client ID and Client Secret keys

Add environmental variables (secrets) to GitHub repo

After getting your clientId and clientSecret, add them as separate environmental variables by going to your repo's Settings -> Secrets -> Actions -> Add new secret.

add secrets in github

Create a GitHub workflow

Add a .github/workflows/sirv-upload.yml file to your GitHub repository.

Below is an example workflow code that will automatically upload all of your images in the /upload folder to your Sirv account after a push or a pull request.

name: Sirv uploader
    branches: [ main ]
    branches: [ main ]



    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    environment: main
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: sirv/gh-action-sirv@main
        name: Upload to Sirv
        id: Sirv
          clientId: ${{ secrets.clientId }}
          clientSecret: ${{ secrets.clientSecret}}
          source_dir: 'upload'
          output_dir: 'upload'
          purge: false

To change the source and output folders, simply edit the last two lines of code. By default, the action will use the same folder name as the source folder for the output folder.

Action inputs

The clientId & clientSecret must be passed as environmental variables. Source and output folders are adjusted in the workflow file. Set 'purge' to true, if you'd like the action to delete files from Sirv if they're no longer present in the repo.

Name Description
clientId (Required) Your Sirv client ID key. Get it here.
clientSecret (Required) Your Sirv client secret. Get it here.
source_dir (Required) The local directory (or file) you wish to upload to Sirv.
output_dir (Optional) The destination directory in Sirv.
purge (Optional) Sync your repo images with Sirv. Setting this to true will delete files from Sirv which aren't present in your repo.

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