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Elementor logoEasily add 360 spins, images, zooms and videos to your Elementor website.

The Sirv widget for Elementor gives you huge creative control to add single items or galleries with thumbnails and sliders via the Elementor Web Page Builder.

How to add images/spins/videos in Elementor

Sirv is designed to rapidly serve images, zooms, 360 spins and video streams. The steps below describe adding a 360 spin but its the same process if you want to add any other media from your Sirv account.

1. Install the Sirv WordPress plugin.

2. On your Elementor page/post, drag the 'Sirv gallery' widget into the content area:

Drag the Sirv Gallery widget

3. Click the 'Add Sirv Media' button:

Click Add Sirv Media button

4. Browse your folders and select which spins/images/videos you wish to display, then click 'Continue':

Click Add Sirv Media button

5. Choose any additional settings:

Choose Sirv settings

6. Click 'Add items' if you wish to add any more spins/images/videos to your gallery:

Continue adding spins, videos and images to your Sirv gallery

7. When you're ready, click 'Insert into page':

Click Insert into page button

8. Your gallery will appear on your WordPress page/post:

Sirv gallery appears on WordPress Page

Get help or submit ideas

We're always improving the Sirv plugin for WordPress. Please send us any questions or requests from your Sirv account.

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