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Sirv provides you with 2 APIs:

  • REST API - manage your account, your users, search files, upload, delete and more.
  • S3 API - move files, rename files and create folders.

This page explains how to use the Sirv REST API.

API client

To use the Sirv REST API, create an API client from the Settings page of your Sirv account:

Create client in Sirv REST API

Once created, you'll see your Client ID and Client Secret:

List of Sirv REST API clients

The clientId and clientSecret pair represent the API client. The API client can have full access to all operations or be limited to specific API methods.

Connect to Sirv

Each API call must be authenticated with a bearer token (JSON Web Token). You can get a token with a POST request.

Once you have a token, you can use any of the 40+ Sirv REST API methods.

You can continue to reuse the token until it expires, in 20 minutes. Once the token expires (see the expiresIn field, in seconds), request a new token.

API methods

Documentation for all Sirv REST API methods is at It contains a summary of each method, how it can be used and a list of properties that can be set.

Sample scripts

Sample scripts for various languages are provided:

REST API limits

The Sirv REST API has a limit to how many requests can be returned per hour.

Enterprise plan limits:

  • Total requests per hour: 14000
  • Search requests: 2000
  • Video to spin conversions: 400
  • Spin to video conversions: 400
  • Fetch requests: 4000

Business plan limits:

  • Total requests per hour: 7000
  • Search requests: 1000
  • Video to spin conversions: 200
  • Spin to video conversions: 200
  • Fetch requests: 2000

Free plan limits:

  • Total requests per hour: 500
  • Search requests: 50
  • Video to spin conversions: 20
  • Spin to video conversions: 20
  • Fetch requests: 300

The total requests per hour is for all types of request combined.

The hour starts counting from the time that the first request is received by Sirv. For example, if a request is received at 18:35:51, the API allowance will be reset at 19:35:51.

Check API usage

Use the API method below to check all types of limit across your account (REST API limits, S3 API limits and FTP limits).

The API method will return:

  • Your limit
  • Number of requests in last hour
  • Number of requests remaining
  • Time when limit will reset (UTC epoch seconds)

Note: accessing this endpoint will not count towards your REST API rate limit.

Special API options

Sirv also provides special API methods, available upon request. Please contact Sirv support if you wish to have access to any of the following:

  • Create new accounts
  • Get user credentials
  • Get list of a users' accounts

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