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Sirv will automatically serve TIFF files in the most optimal web image format (normally WebP). Simply set a size for your image and it'll be instantly served from Sirv's dynamic imaging engine.

TIFF is a raster graphic format, meaning that each pixel is kept as its original - without any compression. This maintains the image in its highest quality, making it a popular format for print. However, TIFF files can have huge file sizes, making them unsuitable for the web. In fact, web browsers do not support TIFF files. This makes Sirv the perfect solution for serving TIFF files on the web, because it automatically converts the format to the most optimal web format (WebP, JPEG or PNG).

Multi-layered TIFFs

If your TIFF file has multiple layers, you can specify which layer to display. Use the page parameter in the URL, like so:


If your TIFF returns an error that the page isn’t redirecting properly, it is because it is a multi-layer TIFF that hasn't been identified as such. To solve the issue, specify ?page=1 in the URL:


Download TIFF

To download the original TIFF, set the format to original and use the dl parameter, like so:


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