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'sharpen' applies sharpening to an image, to emphasize edges within the image. It reduces blur and gives greater focus to the image details. The range is set on a scale from 0 (default) to 100.

A sharpen value of 1 is usually sufficient to significantly emphasize edges.

Sharpening has the benefit of reducing file size. However, it overrides the quality option ("unsharpening" would otherwise be applied during image compression), so you will see no difference in quality be it from 0% to 100%.

Compare these images, with and without sharpening:

Without sharpen

Image without sharpening applied

Sharpen 30%

Image with sharpening applied

Without sharpen

Image without sharpening applied

Sharpen 10%

Image sharpening 10%

Sharpen 80%

Image sharpening 80%

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