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Multiple text layers

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You can apply up to 4 text layers to the same image.

Designate each text layer independently as 'text.n', where n is 0, 1, 2, or 3. The following example applies 2 text layers - one above, one below the image:!&text.1.position=south&text.1.size=34%&text.1.color=ffffff
Image with 2 text layers
Each text layer can have their own options and up to 100 characters of text. The example below has a bold image title to the right and a discreet copyright notice in the bottom right: Eavis&text.1.text=Glastonbury 2014&text.1.position=east&text.1.size=38%&text.1.background.opacity=50%&text.1.font.weight=bold&text.1.font=Raleway&text.0.color=grey

Image with two customized text watermarks

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