How to Make Your eBay Listing Stand Out: 3 Cool Techniques You Can Use Today

eBay disabled all active content in the description section in June 2017, effectively disabling all image effects for product descriptions. But you still have some great options to create engaging eBay listings.

Add a 360 product spin

Sirv can create magnificent 360-degree spins out of your product images. To generate a spin, simply sign in to your Sirv account and upload a set of images. Sirv will automatically create an interactive spin to embed in your website.

Here’s an example:

eBay does not allow truly interactive 360 spins but there’s a workaround.

To add a spin to your eBay product description, convert it to a GIF:

You can easily do it in Sirv’s UI.

Your code will look like this:

Insert it into a product description and a 360 spin will appear. But we can do even better than that. We can link the image to the fully functional 360 spin, like this:

After creating your eBay listing, you can also share the 360 spin on Facebook. It’ll look just as good.

Add an eye-catching image slideshow

Slideshows are amazing at grabbing attention. Add one to your listing with these steps:

  1. Upload your images to Sirv. If you don’t have a Sirv account – sign up here. It’s free to try and takes a minute. The below code will work with images hosted elsewhere, but you’ll lose the ability to resize and optimize your product images.
  2. Switch to HTML mode in the description editor.
    ebay html editor

    Add the slideshow stylesheet to your description.

    The remaining steps should also be done in HTML mode.

  3. Add additional styling to your slideshow. If you have absolutely zero knowledge of CSS, don’t worry. Copy the below code and it’ll just work.
  4. Add the html content of your slideshow:
  5. Your slideshow is ready.

Slideshow demo

Big thanks to Alex Erlandsson for creating the slideshow used in this article.

Add an attractive product image gallery

Boost your sales with an image gallery that allows shoppers to browse all the product images you have. Shoppers love studying product images, so add a 360 spin to your gallery for the ultimate “Wow” effect.

To recreate this cool image gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Upload your product images to Sirv. You’ll have instant control over the scale and cropping, plus it’ll serve images to your potential customers at lightning fast speeds. Read more about Sirv’s dynamic imaging options.
  2. Add this line of code to your description:
  3. Add the final HTML markup (changing the image URLs to your own, from your Sirv account):

Live demo

With Sirv, you can easily crop your images and generate preview thumbnails. If you’re dealing with product images on a daily basis, this feature can save hours of your valuable time.

Let Sirv handle your eBay image hosting, while you focus on growing your business. Start your 30-day free trial today.