Using Postman with the Sirv API

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Postman is a great way to quickly test and play with an API, such as Sirv's API.

To get you started fast, we have created a Postman collection - a set of pre-written requests for the Sirv REST API.

Setup Sirv on Postman

1. Download and install Postman for Windows / Mac / Linux (or try it in your browser).

2. Click "Run in Postman" below. It will add the Sirv REST API collection to your Postman:

3. Get these 3 variables from your Sirv account:

  • alias - your Sirv account name.
  • clientId - shown on your API client page.
  • clientSecret - shown on your API client page.

Add them by right-clicking the "Sirv REST API" collection and clicking "Edit". Enter your 3 variables in the Variables tab under Current Value:

Enter API variables into Postman

The variables are referenced throughout the collection with {{varName}}.

4. Try running various API requests by clicking the blue Send button.

Some requests - especially GET requests - require Parameters. These are items added to the request, such as ?filename or ?dirname:

Enter parameters in Postman

Some POST requests also require parameters:

POST request with parameters

Other POST requests don't require parameters, they use raw data from the Body tab:

Enter raw data in Postman Body tab

Further documentation and help

Get more help with the Sirv REST API:

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