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Sirv is designed to rapidly process images. It can even process giant gigapixel images of up to 50,000px by 50,000px.

Using Sirv for Gigapixel images

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Images can be embedded as zoomable images in your website. You can use either v2 of Sirv JS (known as Sirv Zoom) or v3 of Sirv JS (known as Sirv Media Viewer).

File dimension recommendations

Gigapixel images are usually very large - beyond 10,000px width. But if your images are smaller, our general recommendation is to upload images of at least 4000px width for a good quality image zoom. Try to always upload images of at least 2500px or the zoom will not be impressive.

Computer screen resolution is constantly growing, with some screens already above 5000px width. Professional DSLR cameras can shoot 8,000px width images, so future-proof your images by uploading high-res versions to Sirv.

File size limit

Processing gigapixel zoom images is a heavy process, so there's a limit of 128 MB file size on the master image. Upon upload, Sirv creates a pre-processed version, to enable rapid future processing. Either the master image or the pre-processed one must be within 33.55 MB for the zoom image to be generated (which it normally is).

Ask an expert

If you have questions about hosting gigapixel images, contact a Sirv expert from your Sirv account. If you don't have a Sirv account yet, create an account now or contact us from our general enquiries form.

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