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If you're using PHP, you can manage your files with the AWS SDK for PHP.

Alternatively, you can use the simplified class below, which provides a basic API for working with Sirv storage.

  1. Download the latest version of the Sirv API class (zipped PHP file).
  2. Require the Sirv API class:

  3. Initialize the class instance with your Sirv S3 key, secret and bucket, from your Settings page.

    $sirvClient = new SirvClient(
      // S3 bucket
      // S3 Access Key
      // S3 Secret Key
  4. Check that the connection is working:
    if ($sirvClient->testConnection()) {
      // Connection SUCCEEDED
    } else {
      // Connection FAILED

Now you can perform the common actions below.

Check if file/folder exists

// Check if a folder exists (example/folder)

// Check if a file exists (example/folder/image.jpg)

Get object list

$items = $sirvClient->getBucketContents('example/folder');

Upload files to Sirv

// Upload the local file local/folder/image.jpg to the folder example/folder/ on Sirv
$res = $sirvClient->uploadFile(
  // File path on Sirv
  // Local file name

Create a folder

// Create the folder example/folder on Sirv

Delete a file or folder

All files must be deleted from a folder before a folder can be deleted.

// Delete the file example/folder/image.jpg from Sirv

Download a file

// Download the file example/folder/image.jpg from Sirv
$fileContents = $sirvClient->getFile('example/folder/image.jpg');
  if (!empty($fileContents)) {
       file_put_contents('image.jpg', $fileContents);

Copy a file

// Copy the file example/folder/image.jpg to example/folder/image_copy.jpg 
$sirvClient->copyFile('example/folder/image.jpg', 'example/folder/image_copy.jpg');

Rename a file

// Rename the file example/folder/image.jpg to example/folder/image_new.jpg 
$sirvClient->renameFile('example/folder/image.jpg', 'example/folder/image_new.jpg');

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