Guess which image has been optimized by Sirv

Original image Image 2
Processed image Image 1

The answer…

The image to the left has been losslessly compressed by Sirv.

The image to the right is the original JPEG, of 94.89 kB size. The optimized image to the left is a WebP of just 38.20 kB.

That’s a saving of 60%, without sacrificing quality.

Even smaller file sizes

The default Sirv quality setting is 80%. For even greater savings, try dropping the quality lower. It’s as simple as tweaking the Default profile in your Sirv account, or adding ?q=50 to your image URL.

70% quality image

60% quality image

50% quality image

40% quality image

30% quality image

20% quality image

Lossless image optimization has never been easier. Sirv automatically selects the most appropriate image format and size according to your visitors screen size. Combined with lazy loading and responsive image generation, Sirv delivers the smoothest user experience possible.
Read more about how the optimal format works.

Rely on Sirv to optimize your images

Get the fastest possible page load and never worry again about manual image optimization.