Upload images with S3

Sirv uses S3 compliant storage, enabling you to upload images to Sirv using the Amazon S3 API.

S3 is an attractive alternative to FTP:

  • Secure – all uploads are secured via SSL.
  • Resume – interrupted file transfers will pick up where they left off.
  • Low latency – faster than SFTP.

The most popular S3 upload program is Cyberduck, which is free and open source. As well as Amazon S3, it supports FTP, SFTP and other protocols.

How to upload with Cyberduck

1. Download Cyberduck (for Windows or Mac) and install it on your computer.

2. Open Cyberduck and click the “Open Connection” button in the top-left:

Cyberduck screenshot - open connection

3. Choose S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) from the dropdown menu:

Cyberduck screenshot - choose S3 from dropdown menu

4. Go to your My Account page in Sirv and you’ll see your unique S3 login details:

Sirv screenshot - S3 login credentials

5. Copy and paste the S3 login details into the remaining 3 fields in Cyberduck – Server, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Your Secret Access Key is hidden until you click “Show”:

Cyberduck screenshot - enter the Server, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

6. Click “Connect” and your Sirv account will load. If you have access to more than one Sirv account, you’ll see all accounts listed here.

Cyberduck screenshot - your files on Sirv

7. You can Upload images to S3 by clicking the “Upload” button or you can drag and drop folders/files into Cyberduck. You can create folders, move files and delete files as you need.

8. After you close Cyberduck, it will automatically reopen the same window(s) and log you in next time you open the program. You can permanently save the connection to your Sirv account as a Bookmark.

Expert help

If you need help configuring Cyberduck to upload your files via S3 contact our support team from your Sirv account.

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